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Hunza Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Limited is a Pakistani company engaged in the production of various products including Food Grade ENA Ethanol, White Refined Sugar, Sugarcane Molasses, Citrus, and other allied products. Established in 1988, the company is part of the Hunza Group of Industries, which has successfully built prosperous businesses in different sectors since its inception.

The company’s headquarters are located at 1-A, New Muslim Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. With its strategic manufacturing units in fertile areas of Punjab, including Chak Jhumra Shahkot Road in Faisalabad and Layyah Road in 18 Hazari, District Jhang, Hunza Sugar Mills has become one of the major industrial groups in Pakistan.

Under the leadership of Muhammad Saeed Ch, the CEO of Hunza Sugar Mills, the company aims to deliver excellence and prioritize customer satisfaction. The company strongly believes in adding value through technological innovation and management strategies, recognizing that change is an opportunity for growth and development. Hunza Sugar Mills is committed to providing premium quality products and maintaining high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

The vision of Hunza Sugar Mills is to be a leading company in the production of sugar, ethanol, and allied products of international quality. They strive to achieve this by incorporating technological innovations, adhering to ethical standards, and maintaining a highly competent and motivated management team. The company aims to consistently observe fair conduct in all its dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, while ensuring compliance with corporate governance rules and applicable laws and regulations. Hunza Sugar Mills also places great emphasis on providing a safe, clean, and comfortable working environment for its employees and actively participating in community efforts to preserve the environment and enhance the overall quality of life.

Hunza Sugar Mills (Pvt.) Limited operates various subsidiaries and projects. These include Hunza Distillery, Hunza CO2 Plant, Hunza Steel (Pvt.) Limited, Hunza Citrus & Pulp (Pvt.) Limited, and Hunza Ghee Industries (Pvt.) Limited. These subsidiaries contribute significantly to the Pakistani economy and are involved in the production of ethanol, carbon dioxide, steel, and citrus products, among others.

Hunza Distillery, established in 2014, is one of Pakistan’s largest ethanol producers. It has a modern distillery unit located in Faisalabad, Punjab, with an annual production capacity of 45,000 metric tons of ethanol. The company exports ethanol to various regions, including Europe, Far East, Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The ethanol produced by Hunza Distillery is widely used in industries such as perfumes, pharmaceuticals, hand sanitizers, personal care products, cleaning products, paints, and chemical manufacturing.

Hunza Sugar Mills also operates a CO2 Plant that produces premium-quality food-grade carbon dioxide gas through sugarcane fermentation. The plant has a production capacity of 36,000 metric tons per year and supplies carbon dioxide for applications such as carbonated beverages, dry ice, casting molds, welding, and metal fabrication.

The company places a strong emphasis on quality control and has implemented a comprehensive Quality Control program. This program ensures that the manufacturing process follows the latest international standards and utilizes state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for testing and analysis. Hunza Sugar Mills is committed to delivering products that meet the highest quality standards and customer specifications.

Health, safety, security, and environmental considerations are integral to the company’s operations. Hunza Sugar Mills prioritizes the well-being of its employees and customers by maintaining strict adherence to health, safety, and security standards. The company continuously strives for an incident-free workplace and invests in the training and development of its team to ensure

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