ENA Anhydrous

Ethanol ENA Anhydrous 99.9%

Hunza Sugar Mills is a renowned supplier and producer of high-quality anhydrous ethanol in Pakistan. As a top bulk exporter, we provide pure ethanol with a remarkable purity level of 99.99%. Our product is widely recognized as absolute ethanol or pure ethanol, and it is available in various packaging options in both BP and EP grades.

Applications of Absolute Ethanol or Anhydrous Ethanol

Our absolute ethanol finds extensive usage across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals and disinfectants. It serves as a crucial active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and is frequently employed as a solvent in laboratories. With its superior cleaning properties, it is also utilized for surface cleaning and tincture production. Additionally, our pure ethanol is widely preferred in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan for electronic grade applications. Hunza Anhydrous Ethanol proud to the top choice for Handsanitizer application to counter Covid-19 in Pakistan and abrod.


Ethanol 99% Specs (TDS)
Hunza Pharma grade Ethanol

Quality Standards and Certifications of Anhydrous Ethanol

To ensure compliance with the stringent quality requirements of pharmaceutical and medical industries, our 99.9% alcohol adheres to the standards set by the British Pharmacopeia (BP) and the European Pharmacopeia (EP). We boast ISO certification, affirming our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards. Furthermore, our ethanol is GMO-free, and our manufacturing practices are in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Choose Hunza Sugar Mills as your trusted partner for superior-grade anhydrous ethanol in Pakistan. Contact us today to discuss your ethanol requirements and benefit from our exceptional product quality and reliable supply chain.